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We Guarantee to Beat Any Legitimate Offer Here’s How!

How Can We Pay More for Your Property Than Local Conventional & Nationwide Cash Buyers…?

We are best in class and more diligent than the other companies that buy homes for cash. Let’s face it, most people are at best average in their chosen profession. Consider the following facts:

  • a)  Just 27% of college grads have a job related to their major. (2013 study conducted by Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
  • b)  Only 13% of employees are engaged in their jobs or emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organizations improve. (Gallup research 2012)
  • c)  Pareto Principle: Named after esteemed economist Vilfredo Pareto, this principle specifies that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes, asserting an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs. This principle serves as a general reminder that the relationship between inputs and outputs is not balanced. The Pareto Principle is also known as the Pareto Rule or the 80/20 Rule. (investopedia,com)

As you can see, most conventional companies that buy your house for cash (approximately 80%) are just not working efficiently or effectively. At “We Buy Houses in WDVM,” we work diligently to apply the 80/20 rule in every aspect of life and business. The following 
3 reasons are what differentiates us from the 80% of traditional cash buyers and allows us to pay more for your house.

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We cut our costs more effectively (i.e. cost of renovations; cost of advertising; costs of middlemen like agents, banks, and inspectors; costs related to regulations, deadlines, and paperwork).

2 Red Custom 2

We stay up to date with sophisticated software and other management/operational systems, allowing us to do our job more efficiently.

3 Orange Custom

We invest money and time into continuing real estate investment training and education. Keeping up-to-date with market trends and various buying/selling strategies, gives us an advantage in the marketplace.

Our property evaluation process combined with cutting out the middlemen. In one accord with local-innovative investing strategies, gives us the ability to cut costs and outbid the competition. Due to these advantages, we win more opportunities to buy more houses locally. Therefore, it’s in our best interest to pay you the most cash for your house.

Beat Any Offer. The details...

Proof That We Do Beat Any Competitor Offer!

We’ve provided documentation of a house our company bought in 2020 from a woman named Linda. She was recently widowed and owned two houses in the local area. Linda decided to sell this house, because it was vacant and in need of extensive repairs. Her house had also sustained storm damage just prior to determining, it was time to sell the property.

Linda owned this property since the early 1980’s and decided it was time to cut her expenses, along with all the hassles and headaches associated with owning an older property, in need of repairs. Prior to calling our company for an all cash offer, Linda received prior offers from two separate conventional companies that buy homes for cashHer first offer ($85,000) came from a franchise nationwide cash home buyer presented here for you to see.

all cash offer on house 1024x682 1

Obviously, Linda did not feel comfortable with such a lowball offer, so she sought out a second opinion. This second opinion came from a local home buyer that offered $120,000. This cash homebuyer didn’t bother putting in the extra effort associated with presenting her a written offer, supporting or explaining why his offer was the best offer. At this point, Linda was not convinced by either offer (for obvious reasons). She eventually found our company and requested an offer. Our offer turned out to be her highest possible offer; in the end, we paid her $55,000 more than the first offer and $20,000 more than her second offer ($140,000).

Not only did we pay her more cash than her previous offers, but we supported our offer with a comparable sales report (i.e., what similar properties near her property recently sold for) and deal analysis (i.e., breakdown of buying, holding, and selling costs). This information was necessary for Linda to understand, why our offer was the best and highest offer based on market facts. This made it easy for Linda to understand, that our offer was not based solely on our word or mere opinion. In addition to paying Linda the most cash possible, we also walked her through every step in our cash buying process. This process empowered her to choose a closing date that worked best for her needs, and crafted solutions to all challenges that popped up throughout the closing process.  

What Does Beat Any Offer Mean and How Does it work…?

How Our Beat Any Offer Guarantee Works…

  • Provide us with any competitor’s written offer and a comparable sales report along with a deal analysis, and we will beat that offer!
  • Competitor offer must be based on a non-owner occupied real estate investing business model.
  • If it’s a true apples to apples comparison, and for any reason, we are unable to beat the offer, we will give you a FREE $500 Home Depot gift card! (guarantee is payed out after competitor offer closes at title company)

What Our Beat Any Offer Guarantee Means…

  • Simply put, we will beat any competitor’s reasonable (apples to apples) written all cash offer supported by a comparable sales report (i.e., what similar properties near you recently sold for) and deal analysis (i.e., breakdown of buying, holding, and selling costs).

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