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Our Reviews are Real & Transparent!
See Below Why the Competitions Reviews Are Fake.

Competitor We Buy Houses for Cash Reviews Lack Transparency

Unlike the competition we don’t put an over emphasis on our reviews and testimonials. We display them for you to see as you choose. Our reviews are not wrapped with a pretty bow, in the customary “We Buy Houses” herd mentality. We don’t include stupid sales pitch statements like: “so many people cant be wrong!”

Much like our competitors we also have numerous google reviews and we’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We’ve also got many Facebook reviews and are listed with over 70 different Business directories like: (Nextdoor, yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages ect…).

But none of this matters if a cash home buyer is unable to meet your needs and facilitate the best deal, that makes the most sense for you. Yes, take a look at our excellent reviews below, we are just as proud of these reviews as anyone should be. But what we’re most excited about, is our ability to meet you on your terms. Through the creation of the best, most favorable circumstance providing a pathway into making a deal, that works for you. We want to buy your house and we’ve got the best, most innovative resources necessary to get the job done right!

We Buy Houses Reviews. The Details…
We Buy houses For Cash in WV, DC, VA, & MD Reviews

It’s in Our Best Interest to Give You the Highest Possible Offer

We buy houses for cash reviews are not the only metric by which a seller should choose a we buy homes fast company. Reviews many times, will be nothing more than the opinion of a seller who is happy, mostly because a cash home buyer paid cash for their house.  Many times, a positive Google review or website video testimonial, showing how happy the seller is with a cash for your house company. Is saying little more than the obvious, that they’re happy to have been payed cash for houses.

A positive Google review or website testimonial certainly does not guarantee that you will receive the highest all cash offer. Reviews and testimonials do not indicate or explain, why that particular we buy your house for cash company is your best choice. Positive testimonials and reviews are simply one indicator among many others, that sellers should be looking for, as they shop around for the best companies that buy your house for cash. If you need more information on shopping around for the best companies that buy homes for cash please read our How to Get The Most Cash For Your House (in 5 Easy Steps) article.

When we really think about what a Google and/or Facebook review is? We find that, reviews are nothing more than a subjective personal opinion’s, given by the seller. (Whom by no means is an expert on real estate), these opinions are acquired through observation and fist hand experience. By the act of going through the process, a distinct process of selling your house fast, to a cash for houses company. These opinions have little to no bearing on the effectiveness of any we buy homes fast company. Solely relying on opinions of this sort are akin to judging a book only by its cover.

It is wise to not judge we buy houses companies only by the content of its reviews. But on the content of its character, displayed in person and on its website. As a seller, a better practice would be to focus more so on a cash for your house company’s ability to get you the best all-around deal. Verses relying heavily on opinions from people who really don’t know much of about real estate.  

Remember, just because Google and Facebook claim something, or even “fact checked” it. This does not prove in any capacity that a specific opinion is correct or true. Big Tech’s opinions about real estate, or who’s the Top ranked we buy your house for cash company, is largely irrelevant. This because google is a search engine browser, Google and Facebook are not real estate experts by any means. Google, Facebook, and most sellers don’t know the first thing about how to sell your house fast. Taking Big Techs Opinion about anything other than something tech related is comparable to taking your dental advise from an auto mechanic instead of a dentist.

In short, be skeptical of what you read, hear, and see online (including this post). Just because so-and-so wrote such-and-such on a Google/Facebook review… Do not necessarily believe it. Just because “official Google” says such-and-such, do not assume it true. As Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.”

BBB accreditation means that our company maintains high standards through oversight that ensures a quality customer experience. Our accreditation means that we advertise honestly, are transparent, safeguard privacy and embody integrity through BBB regulated best practices. Also check out our excellent Google reviews. See what sellers have to say about the way our company does business.

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What is a Fake We Buy Houses for Cash Review…?

When we say that we offer, “no fake reviews” we are not saying that other we buy houses for cash reviews and testimonials are literally fake. What we are saying, is that the way in which other conventional sell your house fast for cash companies package their we buy houses for cash reviews, is a deceptive sleazy sales tactic.

Most companies that buy ugly houses present reviews and/or testimonials as if they are objective evidence. definitively proving why, you should choose their company to sell your house fast. Making ridiculous statements like, “so many people can’t be wrong!” And “don’t take our word for it, come read our reviews to see what our clients have to say about us!” Also “accredited, with actual google reviews, real and edited!”

In reality These we buy houses for cash reviews are simply empirical evidence. This means, things that are directly observable and/or experienced, (i.e., the process of selling your house quickly). In other words, conventional we buy homes fast companies package reviews and testimonials as a sleazy sales gimmick, designed to get your business.

Please don’t misunderstand us, we believe that we buy houses for cash reviews and testimonials are necessary. The thought’s, experience’s and opinion of the seller are extremely important. But here at “We Buy Houses in WDVM,” we also believe. Placing an overemphasis on we buy houses for cash reviews and testimonials, is a sleezy form of virtue signaling. This unfairly creates false impressions, when packaged as a sales gimmick.

We also believe (though intentions are good) that for reasons listed above. It’s wrong, for companies that buy your house for cash to effectively con sellers into choosing a sell your house for cash company. Through an overemphasis of it’s website, advertising a 5-Star Google rating. And/or making a video testimonial at the title company. On pay day, every time they close a new deal with a seller.

Common Sales Tactics. The Details…
Common Sleazy Sales Tactics practiced in Our Market!

Conventional companies that buy homes for cash will present you with the lowest possible offer. They start off with a “lowball” offer for the purpose of haggling the lowest possible price. Alternatively, conventional sell your house for cash companies, can be expected to present you with a wildly inflated offer. Presented with the purpose of locking you up in a legally binding contract. These home buyers will then use an “inspection report” to come back and force a price reduction. These sleazy sales tactics, are used more than you would think, by many cash home buyers in our market.

This is not how our business model is structured, we start off with the highest reasonably possible all cash offerOur offers are based on the facts and the numbers representing your home’s current “as-is” intrinsic value. We combine this “intrinsic value” with other strategic real estate investing strategies. Thus, providing you with the best all-around offer, this is how we pay the most cash for houses.

Our service is 100% FREE; since we spend our time and money to buy your property. Our company understands that you need the most cash possible for your house. We are not in the business of wasting our time and money, attempting to pay less than what your property is worth, is a waist of everyone’s time. We are diligent about paying you the most cash possible. Our company profits when our offers are accepted. We understand that the best way to accomplish this, is by paying the most cash for houses.

This means we look at the potential future value of your home, completely fixed up. Based on this value, we formulate your sell my house fast online quote! Additionally, we combine these facts with innovative localized real estate investing strategies. These exclusive innovative methods, give our company a competitive advantage over traditional companies that buy your house for cash. Our competitive advantage provides us the freedom to cut out middlemen. (Agents, banks, inspectors, contractors, conventional cash buyers, etc.) our cash for houses method also eliminates a large variety of traditional costs, typically incurred by conventional cash for houses companies.

How Do You weed out The Sleazy Sales Tactics and Vet Cash Home Buyers?

Its actually quit easy, just ask them a couple of simple questions. They should easily be able to answer your questions, if they’re the best cash for your house option? Below is a list of helpful questions you should be asking we buy houses as is companies.

  • How are you planning on buying my property, or what sell your house fast method/strategy do you intend on using?
  • Do you intend on buying my property with bank or private funding?
  • Do you intend on reassigning your buyer rights to a third-party buyer. And if so, how does this benefit me?
  • How do you determine your all cash offer and why is it the best all cash offer?
  • Can you show me the math or basis supporting your we buy houses fast all cash offer?
  • Are there any conditions that could reduce my sell your house for cash all cash offer in the last hours before closing?

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